This is the 50th song in the Key of Awesome series.

Description Edit

We found love in a homeless place!

Lyrics Edit

MAN (Spoken)

Love is like a talkin' pony

At first you're like "Oh cool, a talkin' pony!"

Then it says somethin' really nasty to you and hurts your feelings

So then you take drugs so you can get along with the pony


Taking baths while fully clothed

We look cute when we overdose

A shopping cart is our vehicle

We go to drugs and we don't do school

We don't understand why everyone's annoyed with us

I bet it's cus they're all jealous

We blow smoke in your mother's face

We do meth but we're in great shape

We don't know how to use ashtrays

We make love in a homeless man's face


I asked for change not a threesome

Could be worse


We push old people down the stairs

And roll away in their wheelchairs

Being gorgeous has it's perks

He forgot how drinking works

And we can't have sex unless a crowd is watching us

Here comes a double decker bus

Our roommate is a talking bug


What's up?


Did we take too many drugs?




We wound up on Dr. Phil


Y'all need to stop screwin' on ferris wheels!


We found love is repetitive

This is no place for a diva to live

It's time to leave this gross pigsty

Cus I'm Rihanna and you're just some guy

(Spoken) Bye bye


Rihanna - We Found Love PARODY! Key of Awesome 50!03:06

Rihanna - We Found Love PARODY! Key of Awesome 50!

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