This is the 118th song in the Key of Awesome series.

Description Edit

Katy Perry delivers a shocking wake up call to society cus shocking wake up calls are trending right now!

Cast Edit


  • Paige Grimard - Katy Perry
  • James III - Skip Marley
  • Greg Murtha - Katy's BFF
  • Mark Douglas - 50s Guy
  • Michelle Maffeo - 50s Gal
  • Doug Larsen - Park Guy
  • Lisa Solimeo - Park Gal


  • Sarah Gregory - Katy Perry
  • Mark Douglas - Skip Marley

Lyrics Edit


I've been reading "Black Mirror" by George Orwell

Dystopian rebellion sells

I might as well

Use ten dollar words I just looked up like this one


Are you impressed at how woke a pop star can be?

I'm so awoke I never sleep

Or even blink

We're connected but we've never been more separate

And I'm the only one who's ever thought or said that

It's time for us to get politicized

For reals you guys

Clap along it's a protest song

But not one that'll offend mommy

Hit 'em with subtle imagery

Like a roller coaster with emojis

That was deep as f**k

Why does your life suck?

It's cause of corporations


And other 'ations

Are we phone deaf?

Just typing, swiping, liking stuff

So I removed the temptation

Chopped off my thumbs

Now every time I grab my phone I drop it, drop it

This helps me to leave it in my pocket, pocket

Give up your Snapgrams and Instablogs

Get your Amish on

Give up electricity

Learn how to sew all your own clothing

Churn it up, I can't believe making butter could be so darn easy

You can be like me

Sans technology

I'm told that's how the world was back when I was just a fetus


That's enough, stop whittlin'

No one deserves to be stuck here sittin'

Through all this bullshit you're emittin'

Allow me to bring up a point you're missin'

You realize if people took your dumb, cliched advice

No one would buy this single

And you'd be broke and no one would put up with what you're spittin'

Grow up, I'm done babysittin'


Change of plans, listen to my song

Buy it on iTunes or Amazon

Turn on mute, keep it on repeat

Sorry that I bit the hand that feeds me

I don't need money

Just the stuff it brings

Like clothes for Mr. Mittens

Who has two thumbs and loves kittens?

This girl!


Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm PARODY! The Key of Awesome 118

Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm PARODY! The Key of Awesome 118