This is the 41st song in the Key of Awesome series.


Kanye is forcing Katy to turn her sweet song into a pervy alien space romp!






I got on silver pants

I'm in a spaceship

I'm not a Sissy, but I'm feelin' kinda Spacek

I'm the greatest, unafraidest, I got braces, I'm about to throw u-u-u-up

Cus I ate at Space Pizza Hut

Had to move to outer space, the only place my head can fit

Gonna find a Borg chick and go to space bed with it

Knocked up a Neptunian, created a new race

Dated a Plutonian, but only got to 5th base


Kanye, why are you here?

I don't like this version

You're not on the album


Kay-tay, uh

Let me be clear, uh

Every single pop hit needs a rapper on it


This song's about Russell B.

It's got nothing to do with doin' it with blue chicks


Katy, it's okay with me

I'm actually quite enjoying this


I tried to write a smart song with deep symbolism

They've got me made up like a space slut who dances for Jabba the Hutt

Sell me, s-s-sell me

Bury all my talent with robotic sounds and auto t-t-tuning

Package me to death and don't forget my chest

More product placement

We've got to pay the rent

Mix Wall-E with T and A

Now here's more from Kanye


Come take a ride on my rocket

Give you a grand tour of my cockpit

Why does it burn every time I go space pee?

I must've caught a case of E.T.V.D.

Them green whores gave me iridescent sores

Why did I boldly go where so many had gone before?

Too many seventeensomes with Romulans

Next time I'll have to pack a stack of plasma condioms


Pop life is no longer fun

I'm flyin' to the sun


But who will raise the Benjamins?

I can't afford this mansion


Katy Perry - E.T. ft

Katy Perry - E.T. ft. Kanye West PARODY! Key Of Awesome 41!