Key of Awesome #47

Adele's ex-boyfriend REVEALED! LYRICS: ("Adele")

I wrote another song about 
Me wanker ex he's a worthless lout 
His name is Timothy Matthews
He lives on 5 Rubbish Road flat number 22 
Please harass his ass on Facebook till he loses all his marbles 
If you see him on the street you should kick him in the yarbles 
Push him down the stairs and pull him up by his nostrils 
Did I mention 
He has herpes (and warts) 
I'll never stop talkin' shite about you 
I wish nothing but, arse worms 
for Tim Matthews 

If you cross me 
You're dead 
I'll hide under your bed 
Next time you check the mail 
You'll find your new girlfriend's head 
(Timothy Matthews)
Stop right there Adele.
Dont sing another bloody word.
You've lost the plot haven't you?
Two can play at this game.
Keep playin you poof.


Adele's got bipolar disorder 
She's an angry drunk and a kitten hoarder.
She left out the verse where she cheated on me 
With all her roadies and Mr. Bean 
I always brought you flowers and said bless you when you sneezed 
You yelled at me in public, burped and farted as you pleased 
You offered me some lovin 
Then you gave me a dutch oven 
And you kicked my arse on Christmas 
Everyone of your songs is untrue 
I caught herpes and willy warts from you 
Children tell me to drop dead 
They throw milkshakes at me head 
Even the Queen once said, 
F*** you Adele's boyfriend 
Nevermind all that stuff about Tim Matthews. 
Instead lets focus on Neal Kent from primary school 
Cuz he used to kick my chair 
Then he put glue in my hair 
He called me a cabbage head 
Lets ruin his life instead 
I don't know why I have such rotton luck with men.